★ Who are job4U2 customers??

Job4U2 customers are both international companies established in Switzerland which have a global mobility strategy and aim to promote their high potential abroad, and Swiss or Swiss-based companies that are looking for employees with international profiles and specific skills.

★ How do you help them?

The costs of recruitment and expatriation are very high. Unfortunately, a large number of expatriations are terminated during the course of the assignment. 50% of these interruptions are related to the dissatisfaction of the spouse with the overall expatriation experience.

With the job4U2 Dual-Career support programs, we increase the chance of a smooth, fast and sustainable integration of the expatriate spouse into the new home environment.

★ Why do companies outsource spousal support?

Most companies are not organised to support the spouse’s job search even those where dual-career couples working within the company is accepted.

Most of the companies in Switzerland are concerned with the challenges faced by dual-career couples and the issues related to global mobility. However, they do not have the time nor the resources to support the spouses in an efficient and effective manner.

★ What about the company values?

Our guiding values are

  • Respect
  • Care
  • Success
  • Commitment
  • Quality
  • Creativity

We strongly identify with our company values and are proud of receiving great feed-back words from the spouses and partners about how our service matches these values.

★ Which languages speak the spouses you are supporting?

Most of the spouses we support speak English as 1st or 2nd language; some spouses speak perfectly German and/or French.

In case a spouse does not speak any of the 3 languages, French, German or English, some limited career possibilities are available in Switzerland. In these circumstances, we guide them towards alternative solutions, such as remote working, creating a non location related-business, copy writing/editing, language courses, etc.

★ What if the spouse is not working?

Many relocating partners decide to take some time off to settle the family in the new location first. Therefore, we recommend a solution where non-working spouses can request Dual career support at a later stage in the expatriation process.

If the spouse  is not interested in a professional activity, we offer a coaching program with objective to help the spouse to adjust to all aspects of living in Switzerland, make social connections and to project in a positive future and exiting opportunities in the new home country.

When the relocation is for a limited duration, we help the spouses to identify what personal benefit they could find, what personal or professional growth they could ambition that will be an asset for the post-relocation time.

★ In what job4U2 is going the extra mile?

We praise ourselves to receive numerous testimonials words of recognition for always going the extra mile. 

We constantly enrich our knowledge to improve our support and be ahead of the market trends. We share knowledge and tips in our Career Resource Center and in numerous spouses networks and dual career support organisations.

An other concrete exemple of going for the extra mile as a company, is the implementation of a module of mindfulness for life abroad to provide an extra support for our coachees and help them in all aspects of their life.

A additional exemple is the initiation and facilitation of  Here We Are Switzerland, a Dual-Career partners community which offers a space for collaborating on meaningful initiatives, contributing to personal and professional growth of the accompanying spouses and partners