of job contract offers are turned down because of the partner career


of expatriations terminated during the course of the assignment are due to the dissatisfaction of the spouse with the overall expatriation experience


of Swiss HR managers believe that providing career support to employees’ partners gives a company a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining talent

Spousal support is a major asset to employer attractiveness and employee retention

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*Sources: Survey conducted in 2011 by job4U2 and the HR chair of the University of Fribourg & 2015 job4U2 survey of Swiss recruitment agencies

Our mission is to make relocation a project for both.

10 Year’s experience
with a unique focus:
Support dual career partners
in Switzerland.

We help our clients make a great impact

Job4U2 is the leading provider of spousal support in Switzerland since 2010. Our career support programs are “à la carte”. You decide the scope of the support, the budget and the condition of access for your employees’ spouses and partners

Job4U2 helps companies include spousal career support in the communication package targeted to candidates and provides dedicated support to facilitate decision making of the targeted candidates during the recruitment process.

With the job4U2 Dual-Career support programs, we increase the chance of a smooth and fast integration of the expatriate spouses into their new local environment. Centred on their real needs, positively results-focused, job4U2 guides them through the Swiss landscape, maximising their opportunities to make the relocation a fulfilling career step.

Our clients are organisations committed to staff the best talents available on the global market.
Their success is strongly related to their capacity to move and keep ahead in their industry.
Job4U2 customers are not only international companies established in Switzerland which have a global mobility strategy and aim to promote their high potentials abroad but also Swiss or Swiss-based companies that are looking for employees with international profiles and specific skills.
Our clients are key players in various industry sectors:

Pharma, BioTech, MedTech, Food, Tobacco, Consulting, Education, Technology, Energy, Luxury, FMCG, NGO.

What is Career Coaching?

Career coaching consist in helping individuals identify what they want and need from their career, get prepared and perform the actions required to accomplish their career objectives.

Job4U2 Career Coach competences includes

  • In-depth knowledge of relevant coaching tools and models used in coaching.
  • Strong business acumen and up to date with Swiss economical/societal changes impacting the workplace.
  • Knowledge about the Swiss professional requirements related to many roles and industries, paired with a good understanding of ways organisations function and their challenges in local and international markets.
  • Aware of education and training offers and trends in Switzerland.
  • Master traditional and alternative approaches to job searching and recruiting in use in Switzerland.

What is
Dual Career?

Dual career refers to dual-earner couples where both partners are pursuing a career: they are committed to work and aspire to progression at work.
For both partners, the professional role contributes significantly to their sense of identity.

The number of dual-career couples is increasing and the trend is worldwide. Recent studies estimate that in many western countries, two thirds of the couples are dual career partnerships; this rate goes up to 80% for scientists.

One of the main challenges for dual career couples is to manage career mobility opportunities, while the challenge for organisations is to recruits talents who are involved in a dual-career partnership. job4U2 has for mission to ease the path for both parties.

What They’re Saying

Based on the feedback we receive from our employees, I can recommend job4U2: they are doing an excellent job and have helped many of our newcomers' partners. Sandrine Van Oudenhoven really is a great help.

Sandra F.Relocation Specialist in the pharmaceutical sector

job4u2 is a precious support to every company who wishes to help new hires relocating with a partner/family to better integrate in their new role. Indeed, job4u2 tailor made program goes beyond the professional aspect of the spouse by accompanying them in a supportive and open environment.

Valérie R.Working for a job4U2 Corporate client in the tech sector

As the person responsible for managing all relocation services for a pharma company in the Canton of Neuchâtel, I had the pleasure of engaging the services of jo4U2, when it was decided in 2011, to add partner career -support to our existing selection of services. Job4u2 has been able to successfully provide career-support to people from a very diverse range of backgrounds. The coaches are able to strike the right balance between motivating and encouraging individuals and managing their expectations in relation to the realities of the local employment market.

Clare W.Relocation manager in the Pharma industry

We are receiving excellent feedback from relocating spouses regarding the services that job4U2 is providing; we are very lucky to have been introduced to job4U2.

Marion B.Working for a jo4U2 Corporate Client in FMCG

Sandrine help was proven invaluable in helping my partner find a job. Her experience and connections are key to a successful job search. I have not hesitated to recommend her to colleagues and friends.

Ludovic M.Expat in Switzerland
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