"job4U2 services were invaluable during my first months in Switzerland. The guidance, support and confidence it provided me was crucial to my sanity, balance and well being through the turmoil a relocation can cause. On top of this, my initial goal of finding a position was met within two months of arriving in Switzerland. Can't recommend it enough!"

Inês M.V.Relocating from Portugal
Testimonials from a client about job4U2

"I'm pleased to have had the support of Job4U2 when I moved to Switzerland. Even during an exceptional situation we're living with the pandemics, that changed the normal circumstances of the job market, I was luck to work with my coach that helped me through the entire process of building a proper CV, screening the right jobs, preparing myself to the interviews and also facing the anxiety involved with it. Finally I was able to land a great job, and I'm very satisfied with the services provided.”

R.B.Relocating from Brazil

“3 words: professionalism, pragmatism, full dedication.
Having had the chance to deal with job4u2, has been a cornerstone in my professional career, and I'll never stop to apply the methodology and the advices I've received, not only to the job of looking for a job, but to any job the life will ask me to perform.
These guys rocks”.

Luca D.A .Relocating from Italy

"The experience with job4U2 exceed all my expectations. My coach Sandrine helped me to find confidence after relocation, formed my mindset in the proper way and assisted me to find the right direction.
She supported me a lot along the way of shaping my profile, searching, and finally getting a job in Switzerland.
I can't express enough my satisfaction with job4U2! A great thank you Sandrine and job4U2 for guiding me. Highly recommend."

Denis K.Relocating from Russia

“The services my coach Susanne at Job4U2 provided in the program are essential to me. The guidance, personal advises and hands on help with key documents given to me exceeded my expectations. Thanks to Susanne's agility and strong ability to listen to where I was in my career I got spot on guidance in the right order and at the right time.”

Annika EdlundRelocating from Sweden
Testimonials from a client about job4U2

"The coaching experience was very beneficial and gave me a very wide spectrum of new opportunities with a real holistic approach. It is a real chance to perform such a programme in a mid-carrer time. In addition, it is mandatory to have enough time with the coach to give enough background, to have the valuable inputs. My Coach was always balancing the options without pushing in one direction. This programme was really of a great support. Highly recommended!"

Sébastien I.Relocating from France

"I'm Ana and moved to Switzerland in 2018 following my partner's job after my Ph.D. in chemistry. Switzerland is a dynamic hub for scientists and entrepreneurs but despite the immense opportunities, it is difficult to successfully engage in the industry straight after an academic experience. Having had the chance to work with a career coach at job4U2 brought me several advantages starting from a personality assessment of which roles/functions would be best suited for me and my skill set. The job-hunting process can be strenuous and emotionally draining due to the frequent rejections oftentimes lacking feedback. Thus, having the support of a coach helped me to vent my frustration by being able to share, be listened, and understood. Additionally, I benefitted from the program while taking care of a small child and there was always a much appreciated time flexibility regarding the organization of each session. Last but not least, job4u2 helped me to start the development of a network in Switzerland. In summary, this program helped me to build and keep my confidence throughout the process of finding a job, prepare my applications in an organized and timely manner, and culminated with me being able to find a good entry-level role in a great company. I am immensely grateful to the team of job4U2 and I recommend their support to all of those who are in a similar situation."

Ana M. C.Relocating from Belgium

"Great help and support. The program goes far beyond the sessions. It gives you time and tools to put into practice what you have worked on. Sandrine is available to you at all time, and she totally adapts to what you need at each moment.
Thanks to her I have been able to get a job during the time of the program. But even if I had not, I would be very happy and grateful for the service and clearly I would be in an infinitely better position to achieve it in the near future."

Álvaro de la Fuente FronteloRelocating from Spain

"Without the support of Job4U2 I simply would not have been able to achieve what I now have - the path to settle back in Switzerland with a job I love. The very practical advice about the Swiss job market provided by Job4U2 was invaluable in positioning myself in a way that achieved results. In addition, the personal coaching I received was the best I have experienced in my 20 year professional career. If you are approaching the Swiss job market as a newcomer, I strongly recommend subscribing to Job4U2's services. I am very glad that I did."

Jean-Michel J.Relocating from South Africa

"I have found my sessions with Nadja, my job4U2 coach, very useful, productive and comfortable. Besides the professional advices on Swiss job markets, she also provided personal ones in order to get accomodated faster in Switzerland. As a new comer I really appreciate all the tips I can get on how to fit in as quickly as possible. The course was a good investment for people who need to find a job in Switzerland. I would recommend Nadja for her knowledge, experience and friendly and open attitude towards her customers.”

Claudia B.Relocating from Slovak Republic

“I would totally recommend the services of Sandrine and Job4u2 to anyone who is looking to find work after and / or before relocation into Switzerland. Her knowledge and professionalism are of the highest standard and the company is certainly a cut above the rest. She offers a systematic and structured approach which is customised to individual requirements and without doubt helps one face the challenges of job hunting in a non-familiar environment and makes the task certainly less daunting.”

Malcolm TRelocating from England
Testimonials from a client about job4U2

" job4U2 has been great helping me get set up in Switzerland professionally. I’ve been working with Sandrine van den Oudenhoven who is a great support. She is very experienced, she knows Switzerland and she always over delivers!"

I.H.Relocating from the USA

"I am very happy with the services of Job4U2. Particularly my coach, Diana Bocskai, has succeeded in holding a high level of hands on practical support and guidance while at the same time acting as my best cheer leader! I must also say that the whole Job4U2 team has proven their commitment to my job search and has been very generous in sharing their network, something that is invaluable when new in a market!"

Helena R. S.Relocating from Portugal

" I was so lucky to meet Sandrine as my coach. Relocating to new country is actually not easy for people who had a colourful life in their home county. The culture gap and difference in the mindset were quite overwhelming and I felt somewhat lost at first. However, during the coaching sessions, I not only learnt a lot about how to approach the job market but I also gained a purpose in life and confidence in my host country. Today in china is Teacher‘s Day. I would like to send all my best wishes to my favorite coach Sandrine. Happy Teacher (Coach)Day!"

Flora XuRelocating from China

"Relocating from France, Nadja's work has been crucial for me to understand Swiss market. She helped me with the approach of the Swiss job market, brought me confidence, and shared her own experience as a Swiss citizen. She's dedicated to her work, passionated about what she does, and a good listener."

AlexandreRelocating from France
Testimonials from a client about job4U2

“Working with job4U2 was the best thing that could happen to me. They helped me to better understand the Swiss culture and how job hunting should be done in Switzerland. Thanks to them I got many interviews for jobs that truly interested me. Now I have a job! I am happy”

Aurélie L.Relocating from Canada

"It was hard to imagine how a service so intangible could be so useful, but I was immediately proved otherwise. Job4U2’s service proved to be invaluably exceptional. Each coaching session brought deep growth and a great deal of valuable insights. I learnt a lot on the job market, how to best identify and make opportunities and how to execute on these decisions in a practical and efficient way. Job4U2’s service was highly professional and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone!"

Pablo CanoRelocating from Colombia

"Geneva job market is tougher than I had thought in the beginning. The strategies taught by Job4U2 were indispensable to me in order to succeed in realizing my professional projects. Sandrine helped wherever she could and her insights were of the greatest value, since I encountered situations I had not expected to occur. If my wife or myself were to search for a job again, Job4U2 would be my first point of contact in order to get things started. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

Marc B (accompanying spouse)Relocating from Luxembourg

"Super happy with Sandrine's coaching! Professional, super responsive, proactive, an amazing listener and coach in making me find answers in myself offering the right clues and support."

Pippa G.Relocating from Switzerland to France

"I truly recommend Sandrine as a coach; she has the ability to stick to the defined goal and bring you there where you want to go in a smooth but efficient way. Very inspiring! thank you!"

N.B.Professional transition within Switzerland

"job4U2 was of great help for me in the process of transition from Germany to Switzerland. For those who don't know the feeling (yet) - it's very stressfull and energy consuming not knowing exactly in which direction one should go and what to begin with when they land here for the first time. Especially if we are talking about professionals who want to continue their career successfully near their partner. job4U2, through my Coach - Diana, was my guiding Angel 🙂 I'm happy and thankful that I've met you."

Laura Ioana T.Relocating from Germany
Testimonials from a client about job4U2

“I started my adventure with job4U2 as a mother of two little children willing to return to the job market. Cooperation with Nadja allowed me to gain self-confidence and understand the basic guidelines prevailing on the local market. Nadja is an extremely understanding person who allows for flexible adjustment of working hours. Competent and experienced. I recommend the program to anyone who feels very uncertainly on the new labor market after relocation.”

JoannaRelocating from The Netherlands

"Sandrine coached me when I arrived in Switzerland, and just finished a 1 year trip walking along the silk road. She understood before me how this experience would impact my career path. Sandrine has played a key role in the choices I made. For the best. Sandrine is very operational, driven by objective and goals. This makes her coaching rooted in reality with concrete workshops. On top of that her empathy along with her sensitivity add a lot of value on her overall understanding. I can only recommend her."

Aurelie D.Relocating from France

“Each session with Sandrine was a discovery of something very important in the way I function, things that may seem simple but often are complicated to identify alone and yet are so important. Sandrine has guided me with a lot of kindness, but just the level of drive I needed to move forward. Sandrine has not only helped me to identify what I need to focus on to make my next career step but has also helped me see myself in a different way and has given me great tools to be in more harmony with myself which is so important professionally and also personally. I strongly feel the important transformation I made during the program with Sandrine's help and I have gained much important trust and positivity for my future. I feel very comfortable moving forward from here and am happy to be putting these tools in place. I cannot recommend the program enough, it is some of the best time and money I have invested in myself. Thank you Sandrine for your outstanding support, guidance, positivity and kindness. This program was an important milestone for me. Thank you so much.”.

NadiaTransition within Switzerland

"Changer complètement de pays, de culture, de travail est un challenge qu'il faut savoir affronter avec les meilleures armes. job4U2 a su m'apporter le soutien nécessaire afin de relever ces défis. Sans ce coaching ultra efficace, ma compréhension de cette nouvelle immersion n'aurait pas été la même et l'accompagnement et les conseils fournis ont été d'une aide précieuse. De l'état factuel d'une situation de départ, il en a résulté une remise en question complète et l'adaptation nécessaire pour faire face à ces nouveaux défis et ainsi trouver l'emploi qui me correspondait le mieux. C'est chose faite et maintenant les cartes sont dans mes mains. Je remercie vraiment job4U2 pour cet accompagnement, la disponibilité, la qualité du travail et, non des moindres, l'ambiance et la chaleur de cette collaboration."

David L.Relocating from France
Testimonials from a client about job4U2

"Just like you, I was reading this page with testimonials. Reading them carefully, I was convinced that I should decide to join job4U2. However, I could not imagine this unique experience! Sandrine is one of the most honest and positive energised persons I have ever met with deep knowledge and genuine will to share it and make people, as you and your family, happy! I strongly recommend job4U2 as it is a true investment for your career and personal development reaching your goals. From the beginning, you will realize that joining job4U2 is a blessing and one of the best choices you have ever made!"

Agathi K.Relocating from Greece

“I was lucky to have my sessions with Nadja, who besides helping me a lot to understand how I could fit into the job market in Switzerland, provided me with tips and support in adaptation issues. Nadja was very welcoming, available and flexible.”

Christiane Tegethoff Motta de AraujoRelocating from Brazil

“I found job4U2 an asset in my Swiss jobsearch. They gave me great motivation and helped me find many position’s I would not have found alone. I was encouraged to think outside the box which brought me fantasic idea’s and business opportunity’s for the future. They have a wonderful attitude and it was an absolute blessing for me when I relocated to Lausanne. Many thanks and praise to all at job4U2 for their incredible service.”

Stephen M.Relocating from England

“Sandrine help was proven invaluable in helping my partner find a job. Her experience and connections are key to a successful job search. I have not hesitated to recommend her to colleagues and friends.”

Ludovic M.Expat in Switzerland

"The coaching experience was truly transformative for me. I now understand how identify exactly why and how I find satisfaction at work and therefore how to surface opportunities to optimally align my personal values within the scope of my role. I have discovered agency I didn't realize was there and feel empowered to improve my work life."

R.W.Relocating from the USA

“Working with Sandrine and Job4U2 was not only satisfying but Sandrine overdelivered on my expectations. Sandrine has an amazing ability to help uncover one's true strengths and guided me in clearly articulating them through the job application process. I would recommend Sandrine and Job4U2 to anyone who is moving or has moved to Switzerland and seeking to gain clarity on their career direction and developing their resume. Thank you Sandrine!"

Michelle C.Relocating from Australia
Testimonials from a client about job4U2

"When you move to a new country you need tools for adapting to your new life. Those could include how to build a CV or cover letter, but most importantly they should give with a support community for your daily life. I have found many friends through job4U2 and I will treasure the guidance throughout my job search. "

IreneRelocating from the UK

"I feel privileged to have worked with Sandrine who has a wealth of experience and understanding that is not so easily found. She knew exactly what I was/am going through and helped me put things in a healthy perspective."

Kate C.Relocating from the USA

“It is really good to have a professional by your side, acting as your guide. I find the job4U2 consultant just the right person for the right job: she has a huge knowledge, is well-organized, very flexible and has an excellent understanding of the market and an impressive network. Moreover, she is nice, friendly and is an open minded person.. She provided extremely valuable help to start my own business (which is lifestyle photography) - she knows Swiss regulations, customs, mentality of potential clients.”

Magdalena S.Relocating from Poland

"Diana is a fantastic coach with positive energy!"

RalucaRelocating from Romania
Testimonials from a client about job4U2

"job4U2 gave me the tools to effectively and efficiently continue my job search journey. My sessions were not only helpful in developing my personal strategy but also in rebuilding my self confidence. Sandrine was always thoughtful, supportive and understanding of my situation in many levels. The program helped not only my job search but also my personal development. Reaching out to Sandrine was one of the best decisions I made for my career and myself."

SAXRelocating from the Philippines

"Eine bessere Unterstützung hätte ich mir nicht vorstellen können. Von Anfang hat mich meine job4U2 Berater vollstens unterstützt und war mit echtem Interesse und Leidenschaft dabei. Dank ihr habe ich nicht nur analysiert, was mir beruflich überhaupt Spass macht und meinen Lebenslauf an die Schweiz angepasst, sondern auch viele hilfreiche Tipps hinsichtlich der schweizerischen Besonderheiten und Unternehmenskultur gelernt. Gleich in meinem ersten Bewerbungsgespräch haben sich diese Tipps ausgezahlt! Ich habe mich sicher und optimal vorbeireitet gefühlt."-

Franziska W.Relocating from Germany

"Job4u2 does a great job giving self-confidence in a very stressful moment."

Roberto R.Relocating from Spain

"At first, I was not very sure I want to involve a career consultant in our relocation project. I was also sceptic at the beginning about the role of my consultant.
But the Swiss job market is so different than romanian one, I am wondering now what would I have done without Sandrine's help.
The difference is in details and the impulses I got from Sandrine regarding my LinkedIn profile, my resume, job hunting techniques, etc...are priceless."

Daniel SotreanuRelocating from Romania

"I highly recommend the service provided by job4U2. Sandrine gave a huge amount of practical help with establishing my business in Switzerland. She has been extremely generous with her time, and provided a wealth of practical information, tips and advice. "

B.S.Relocating from the UK

"Quand on se pose sur la planète Suisse, on pense être en terrain connu, les arbres sont verts, le ciel est bleu, on parle la même langue. Yes man, c'est cool. Et petit à petit des subtilités nous échappent. Vite on frappe à la porte du guide local (Job4U2) pour essayer de comprendre tout ça et la magie de la communication et de l'humain fait le reste. Ou plutôt le professionnalise et l’écoute de la coach. Pris en main du début à la fin du programme, avec documents et petits dessins à l'appui 🙂 . Tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour trouver un job en Suisse vous sera dévoilé et bien plus encore. Bref, le guide du routard pour un job sur la planète Suisse. Merci Sandrine pour cet atterrissage en douceur."

Didier T.Relocating from France
témoignage d'un client sur le service de job4U2

"I can truly recommend to work with job4U2. My coach Diana, was extremely committed to me and work. Always well-prepared with wide range of unique ideas and methods how to better help me in changing my current situation as an unemployed person. Very positive and proactive coach, just the right person for the right job. Thank you Diana for all your support, knowledge and involvement during our session. As a result, at the end of our cooperation - I got a job!"

Malgorzata P.Relocating from Poland

“Stets zuverlässige, vertrauensvolle und überzeugende Unterstützung. 
Mit vielen guten Ratschlägen, sehr motivierend und jederzeit erreichbar. 
Einfach sympathisch und kompetent”

Kamila F.Relocating from Germany

"Sandrine has a fantastic understanding of the challenges you face when starting a business in a new country. She knows how to help you reflect on your goals and values, but also what forms you have to fill out or how to start building a website. She was a great support to me in difficult times."

G.DC. Relocating from Poland
Testimonials from a client about job4U2

"When I first knew that my partner and I were moving to Switzerland because of his job, the first thing that crossed my mind was: "what am I gonna do there? How will I find a job?". I wasn't doubting I was well-prepared or that I had the academic skills, but I didn't know the market or how to make a professional CV or how to do proper interviews. Luckily, my partner's company provided us with the service of Job4U2 and even before moving I started having coaching sessions with Sandrine, who accompanied me all the way from creating my LinkedIn page, to practicing interviews, until now that I succesfully found the perfect job, exactly in the topic that I initially wanted. Sandrine was always very professional and dedicated, she provided me with a lot of useful information and helped me to develop skills that were crucial to succeed at the interviews and finally land a job in a great company. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sandrine to anyone looking for a job or a carreer change. Although, looking for a job is a difficult ride and a job itself, the help and encouragement from Sandrine made it a smooth ride."

Arturo M.Relocating from Mexico

“I worked with job4U2 on my Swiss career project and, for sure, I can recommend job4U2 with my full hearth!
My consultant knows very well the market and she is connected with lots of people, she is organized and works with method, she pays attention to the smallest details but she always has in mind the final goal. And not at all the last: she puts soul in her job and she believes in her mission! She is really dedicated to helping the partner to get integrated and to find a fulfilling job for him/her. For sure job4U2 will be helpful to give valuable orientation and direction to your partner, too”

Doina M.Relocating from Romania

"Grâce à job4u2 et à Sandrine, j'ai pu transformer ma vaine recherche d'emploi en un véritable projet, en définissant un plan d'action, un planning, des outils et un suivi régulier, pour atteindre l'objectif clairement défini dès le départ, en temps et en heure : trouver un emploi de chef de projet correspondant en tout point à mes attentes, mes aspirations"

Pierre HRelocating from France

"Coming to Switzerland happened to be a great way to move up in my career: The job I accepted is something new and exciting. It's interesting to think that moving here, following my husband's job, has opened more career doors for me. Also, I really never expected to receive offers from two companies!! It proves that all the good work my job4U2 consultant put in for me and the preparation she got me to do was very helpful.

Michelle B.Relocating from the USA
Testimonials from a client about job4U2

“I was so far to imagine that despite the fact that Switzerland shares a border with France, we were culturally so different. job4U2 helped me to understand all the “Swiss codes” facilitating my integration in that country, gave me the keys to work on my professional project and thus build my resume in that sense, coached me and brought me support as often as I needed. job4U2 is a service which should be automatically proposed to each expatriate’s partner”

Khadija L.Relocating from France

“Job4U2 played a crucial part in the success of my relocation. If you are new in the country, I would certainly highly recommend anyone to use the services of job4U2.

Rodolphe R .Relocating from Ireland
Zeugnis job4U2

"Perfekte Unterstützung bei der Jobsuche in der Schweiz – besser hätte ich es nicht treffen können. Und wenn ich mal aufgrund meiner neugeborenen Tochter keine Zeit hatte, hat Sandrine mir hilfreich unter die Arme gegriffen und beispielsweise meinen CV so gut vorbereitet, das sich ihn nur noch abnicken musste. Neben einer super Unterstützung zur Jobsuche habe ich auch viele andere gute Ratschläge für das Leben mit Kind in der Schweiz erhalten."

Regina G.Relocating from Germany

"We Have first worked on my CV for a few meetings to make it concise and eye catching and clear for all type of companies. I also got depth understanding what Swiss companies pay attention on, what documents are needed and what to do to be seen valuable candidate for employee. The consultant gave me a lot of useful materials and important advices. She draw my attention on details I would not think about which are really valid ones."

Marta C.Relocating from Poland

"I choose to work with job4U2: By doing so, it gave me the insight and focus to optimize my chances of success. The job4U2 consultant has a thorough, in-depth knowledge of what it takes to be successful in the Swiss labour market. She provided support at various stages during the search process to ensure that I highlighted which of my skills were the most relevant for the role. I truly believe without her knowledge and insight that I would not have made it to the next step in the process. "

James R.Relocating from Canada

“In the beginning I tried to find a job in Switzerland by myself, but after 1.5 years I decided to ask for professionals help. Choosing job4U2, I made right decision. The sessions organized by the consultants were very helpful. It definitely increased my motivation to be more active in job hunting, also she advised using my experience to open my independent activity. The job4U2 consultants have a great knowledge about Swiss labor market as well as private business setting. They are very professional, supportive and friendly. I am very happy to share that I now have a very interesting job! I recommend job4U2 to all!”

Vytautas ZRelocating from Lithuania
Testimonials from a client about job4U2

"I was feeling really lost and was ready to pack up and leave Switzerland when by chance I stumbled upon Job4U2's LinkedIn Group! That has put me in touch with Sandrine and she demystified Switzerland, helped me adapt my CV, develop a country specific strategy and gave me hope that I would find a job here. Thank you Sandrine!"

Diana D.Relocating from Portugal

“Relocating in a new country is a big challenge, and looking for a job without knowing local rules and language can be frustrating.
When relocation to Kreuzlingen Working with job4U2, helped me to understand the unspoken rules, and made my search much more effective. The consultant was a real partner in developing the strategy for landing interviews and managing the selection process.
I warmly recommend job4U2 to any trailing partner, because it is not a outplacement service, it's a personal, tailor made support to start a new career. “

Marzio M.Relocating from Italy

"I had never attended a coaching program before but I have to admit it helped me a lot rebranding my professional profile; I learnt to better know my strengths and weaknesses, how to create an effective net of contacts and to understand the peculiarities of the Swiss job market and mentality. Now I feel much more confident thanks to great job done by my Coach"

FabioRelocating from Italy
Testimonials from a client about job4U2

"Nadja, my job4U2 consultant, has successfully helped me with identifying and securing the next step in my career. In a very short time, she showed great insights in my personality and adapted the workshops to my individual needs. To my opinion, Nadja's coaching is professional, effective and with a personal touch."

Jasper V.Relocating from The Netherlands

“As a relocating partner into the Swiss market, working with Sandrine has given me structure, insight, support and guidance. Her expertise provides focus and tailored advice to optimise chances of job success. Knowing you are not alone in your search gives you confidence and belief that the right job does exist. You just need to know where to look for it!”

Richard E.Relocating from England

“I was delighted to work with job4U2 over the last couple of months; It was in many aspects an eye-opener, a discovery trip! Sandrine has a thorough, in-depth knowledge of the local labour market as well as an extensive understanding local social and cultural network. Undoubtedly Sandrine perfectly understands expat’s life (also from her own experience) here in Switzerland and at the same time efficiently moving around in the Swiss society and business. Her open and warm personality combined with pure enthusiasm and extraordinary energy gave me an assurance that as of now things will quickly move towards the desired direction”

Magda D. (accompanying spouse)Professional transition within Switzerland

« C’est avec un grand enthousiasme que je vous recommanderais Job4U2. Nous avons travaillé sur un projet de relocation du couple en Suisse, et ceci sur l’ensemble des aspects : financier, CV en langue anglaise, réseaux et recherche dynamique. La qualité des conseils, la finesse de l’analyse, la connaissance de la culture, du tissu économique sont des atouts inappréciables. La méthode est au point. Le timing agressif a été respecté et le tout s’est déroulé dans la bonne humeur »

Christophe-Marie P.Relocating from France
Témoignage de client sur le coaching de job4U2

“I would say job4U2 is...the "best in town"! job4U2 provided me with the necessary knowhow and methodic approach to conduct successfully the everyday adventure of looking for a job in a new country, in a different culture. Being in "the driving seat" with job4u2 at your side makes it possible to gain in self confidence and experience, to avoid mistakes and learn how job hunting should be done in Switzerland...in the simplest way ...just by doing it!!
I spoke with a lots of colleagues in my same situation and, according to what I have heard about the companies that they tried, I can say that Job4U2 PROFESSIONAL PROJECT DEPLOYMENT is way ahead...not to mention that it works very well! I recommend it highly!"

Luciano C.Relocating from Italy

" Thank you so much for all your help and information. It has been extremely useful and helpful to both my husband and myself. You friendliness and support has also helped me feel really positive about this big decision. I am very grateful for your support and all the help you have offered"

Natacha D. (accompanying spouse)Relocating from Australia

“Working together with job4U2 makes job seeking a very different experience from what I have expected it to be. It's a great, well-planned business case evolving within a very comfortable atmosphere. The professionalism of the consultant (in my case, Sandrine) brings a new light into possible career development and completely changes the way you see yourself as a professional person with skills, qualities and expertise and your value on the job market. So if you are planning to move to Switzerland, job4u2 is the company to choose - it will take you onto a very fast journey that will finally end up in this beautiful country.”

Jakub T. - (accompanying partner)Relocating from Poland

“I loved working with Sandrine, who really took the time to understand my needs and personality and circumstances, before coming up with a structured, goal-orientated plan. Her follow-up meetings helped to keep me on track and she was also able to advise and continue supporting me in a very helpful way when I decided to shift the goals during the programme. I have already recommended Sandrine to other women in my situation as she's been a great support.”

Chené K.Relocating from England