job4U2 is a career coaching company specialised in supporting the spouses and partners of relocated employees

We work with dual career partners to facilitate their access
to a local professional activity and help them navigate and advance
their careers in Switzerland.
Centred on their real needs, positively results-focused,
job4U2 guides them through the Swiss landscape, maximising their opportunities to make the relocation a fulfilling career step.

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Get a job

We enable your job search deployment, preparing you for all steps occurring during the recruitment process and provide all the resources required to land a job in Switzerland.

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A new start

Expatriation, relocation and their associated changes could be a great opportunity to orient your career in a direction more in line with your current aspirations and with the local possibilities.

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Creating a company is life time adventure.
We help you approaching it with method, insuring that you build strong enough pillars, capable to support the future company growth.

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“Relocation is

A project for both”

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What they are Saying

job4U2 services were invaluable during my first months in Switzerland. The guidance, support and confidence it provided me was crucial to my sanity, balance and well being through the turmoil a relocation can cause. On top of this, my initial goal of finding a position was met within two months of arriving in Switzerland. Can’t recommend it enough!

InêsHR Administration

“The coaching experience was very beneficial and gave me a very wide spectrum of new opportunities with a real holistic approach. It is a real chance to perform such a programme in a mid-career time. My Coach was always balancing the options without pushing in one direction. This programme was really of a great support. Highly recommended!”

SébastienPharmaceutical sector

Working with job4U2 was the best thing that could happen to me. They helped me to better understand the Swiss culture and how job hunting should be done in Switzerland. Thanks to them I got many interviews for jobs that truly interested me. Now I have a job! I am happy

AurélieMarketing & Communication

The most professional job advising and coaching I have ever had. Even if you do not realize what your job expectations are, and you are not sure how you want to develop your career abroad, Your coach will help you to answer all your questions and concerns, and will guide you in the right direction. I received very helpful tips for CV drafting, and were well-prepared for my job interview. I got the job before completing the whole programme. I highly recommend job4U2 to all expats!

MagdaContract management

Luckily, my partner’s company provided us with the service of Job4U2 and even before moving I started having coaching sessions with my job4U2 coach, who accompanied me all the way from creating my LinkedIn page, to practicing interviews, until now that I succesfully found the perfect job, exactly in the topic that I initially wanted. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend jobU2 to anyone looking for a job or a carreer change.

ArturoChemical Sciences

What is Career Coaching?

Career coaching consists in helping individuals identify what they want and need from their career, get prepared and perform the actions required to accomplish their career objectives.

The job4U2 Career Coaches provide employment support for expatriates’ spouses and partners. Skilled career counsellors, they provide job search assistance before, during and after the relocation. Their competences include:

  • In-depth knowledge of relevant coaching tools and models used in coaching.
  • Strong business acumen and up to date intelligence of Swiss economical/societal changes impacting the working place,
  • Sound knowledge of the Swiss industry sectors and jobs functional requirements,
  • Awareness of education and training offers and trends in Switzerland,
  • Mastery of traditional and alternative approaches to job searching and recruiting in use in Switzerland.

What is
Dual Career?

Dual career refers to dual-earner couples where both partners are pursuing a career: they are committed to work and aspire to progression at work.
For both partners, the professional role contributes significantly to their sense of identity.

The number of dual-career couples is increasing and the trend is worldwide. Recent studies estimate that in many western countries, two thirds of the couples are dual career partnerships; this rate goes up to 80% for scientists.

One of the main challenges for dual career couples is to manage career mobility opportunities, while the challenge for Companies and organisations is to recruits talents who are involved in a dual-career partnership.
job4U2 has for mission to ease the path for both parties by providing career coaching, spousal supports and job search assistance services. 


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