Our mission is to make relocation a project for both.

10 Year’s experience
with a unique focus:
Support dual career partners
in Switzerland.

What makes job4U2 unique both in the Swiss landscape and in the mobility landscape?

“job4U2 is a career coaching company specialised in supporting the spouses and partners of relocated employees.

We work with dual career partners to facilitate their access to local professional activities and help them navigate and advance their careers in Switzerland. Centred on their real needs, positively results-focused, job4U2 guide them through the Swiss landscape, maximising their opportunities to make the relocation a fulfilling career step.

Our Service level excellence towards our corporate clients

making us a preferred supplier of dual career coaching for many organisations.

Our Centers of Excellences

Finance & Banking, HR, Medical & Life-Sciences, Tech, Engineering & Industrial sectors, Academic careers, executive careers and entrepreneurship.

Our guiding values

Respect - Care - Success - Commitment - Quality - Creativity

Our presence in Switzerland

Basel, Zurich, Berne, Neuchatel, Lausanne and Geneva regions.

Our clients gender balance

Working with 50% male and female clients.

A complete library of tools, tutorials and guides

up to date with latest trends, constantly updated and enriched.

The amazing testimonials

we received from our Coachees and their outstanding evaluation of the quality of our services.

Our strong society involvement

Active members and contributors within national and international dual career networks.

Best english speaking coaches in Switzerland

We all are certified coaches, engaged in continuous learning and supervision


We all have in depth expertise in career counseling and are specialised in the Swiss market


We all are involved in various side projects, keeping us alert and pushing us to continuously step outside of our comfort zone


We all are fully articulated (native or fluent) in the local language(s) and in English


We all have academic backgrounds


We all have professional experience within Swiss based organisations

When asked:

“Would you recommend job4U2 Coaching to a good friend planning an expatriation to Switzerland?”


said YES!

Back to 2010

job4U2 story

job4U2 was founded in 2010 in Biel-Bienne by Sandrine van den Oudenhoven. After a couple of years, the company extended its offer and services to most Swiss cities and since then, has supported hundreds of international professionals recently relocated to Switzerland.

Dual-Career partner, having faced the chalenge of international mobility and career continuation at several occasions, Sandrine aspired to make the relocation a meaningful project for the accompanying partners and at the same time, to support Swiss based organisations in their efforts to staff the best possible talents often involved in a dual career constellation. Sandrine is now located in Bevaix in the canton of Neuchatel.

What we do?

We offer awesome Career Coaching programs

You have the talent, we help you get the traction to offer it to Switzerland.

Career coaching is a support to help you identify what you want and need from your career, get prepared and perform the actions required to accomplish your career objectives.

What we are the most proud about?

We get the sweetest words we can expect for the work we love doing

“I can truly recommend to work with job4U2. My coach was extremely committed to me and work. Always well-prepared with wide range of unique ideas and methods how to better help me in changing my current situation as an unemployed person. Very positive and proactive coach, just the right person for the right job. Thank you for all your support, knowledge and involvement during our session. As a result, at the end of our cooperation – I got a job!”
Malgorzata P.(accompanying spouse)

Where to find us?