English jobs Switzerland:

Week selection of English speaking jobs for expats’ dual career spouses and partners in Switzerland

We are often asked if that is possible to find a job in Switzerland if you only speak English, or what are the companies hiring foreigners in Switzerland.

The purpose of this selection is to provide an idea to expats about what job possibilities are to be found in Switzerland that do not necessarily require mastering local languages.

job4U2 has no connection with these job ads, if you wish to apply you need to follow the instruction provided by the job poster.

English jobs Switzerland

Updated: 08 March 2023

Head of Product Management
Sports Ticketing Senior IT Project Manager
R&D Designer
Administrative Assistant
Senior Retail Experience Strategist

Profiles of Dual career partners we work with

job4U2 provide career coaching to dual career partners who consider their job, their career as a very important part of their life.
They have already relocated to Switzerland or only their partner has, and they are about to follow.

They are women and men (our clients are for half of them men) who very often have an academic education. They speak English fluently or are English native speaker and very often master a second or third language, although not often the local one of their new location.
Their expertise area and their experience seniority is very diverse, therefore job4U2 has developed a transversal organisation of team leads in different professional specialities ( Engineering, IT, Pharma, HR, Academic, Banking, Entrepreneurship, etc).

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