In Switzerland, 58,8% active women (63% of the female population) are working part-time. So do 17,1% of active men who are 74.14% of the male population.
With a fast calculation, you will have found that there are more than 2 millions persons working part time in Switzerland, 36.4% of the Swiss working force.
However in October 2018, less than 4% of the job posted on are offered as part-time jobs.
On LinkedIn, where traditionally higher-level jobs are posted, the ration falls to 0.3% of part-time jobs posted the last month in Switzerland (only 408 jobs on the entire Swiss territory, most of them entry level or internships.)

5 tips to find part-time jobs in Switzerland

One thing I should underline is that part-time employees turnover is much lower as full-time employees ‘one. This is an information to share widely with employers because retention is a key benefit for a company who is offering part-time positions.

As you can understand, these 2 million jobs do not easily get vacant however there are 5 tips I would like to share to help you capture them when they get available:

1- Focus on specialised job-board. They are not numerous but TeilZeitKarriere is one of them.

2- Target companies which have already adopted a part-time job offer approach.

If you speak the local language, you increase your chances: Indeed the top 100 companies offering part-time are not the most likely ones to offer an English working environment

3- Start with a 100% occupation rate, show that you are organised, efficient and that you create value for the organisation and negotiate a part-time job as a second step.

This approach can only work if you have the possibility to get organised around a full time job for at least 12 months.

4- Target SMEs. They are much more likely to be happy to control their cost and to benefit from talented professionals on a part-time jobs. They do not often advertise on line because they do not have the capacity to sort out hundreds of CVs.

Take also into account that SMEs do not frequently mandate recruiting firms for part-time positions as the cost for the search would be the same as for a full-time and because they do not have the same budget as big companies. The primary way for SMEs to hire new staff is via their network.

5-Set your own business, offer your services as an independent professional.

In 2018, 40% of Swiss companies reported that they were looking for external consultants when they had trouble to find the right profiles on the job market.

How can job4U2 help you?
How can job4U2 help you?

First, we can give you a fair feed-back on the chance you will have to find an employed part-time job based on the industry you are in, your professional profile and your targeted region of search.

Then, we help you set your branding right and develop a comprehensible application strategy. Alternatively, we help you find an alternative path and provide you with support for the deployment.

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