What dual career spouses and partners searching for a job in Switzerland think is most challenging?

During the last 5 years, we have asked expat spouses visiting the job4U2 website to reflect on what they think is most challenging in their current job search experience and to provide a basic analysis of the difficulties they are facing while seeking for a job in Switzerland:

  • 36% have not (yet) find a way to navigate efficiently in the job market, a majority of them find the Swiss market very competitive.
  • 35% Have not (yet) defined the next step that can at the same time motivate them, meet a demand and match their skill set and find themselves overwhelmed or demotivated.
  • 14% think their Branding is not sufficiently efficient- Have not (yet) set up a sufficiently convincing branding
  • 14% Have not (yet) find how to be sufficiently convincing during the interview

What is perception, what is reality?

Identifying what is perception or what is reality is not that relevant in this case: Very often perceptions lead to beliefs and beliefs influence our behaviors which impact our results. Indeed our brain tends to make us search for reasons and is very fast to adopt them as reality and tends to find strategies to reinforce the beliefs over the time, conducting to the reinforcement of the outcome itself.,

Imagine someone who perceived his/her application rejections as signs that he or she is not looking in the right sectors. They may start believing that other sectors are easier or offer more opportunities. From that moment onwards each time, they will be looking for job ads, their attention will be directed to the other sectors where they’ll find some openings. They might adjust their target (behavior change) and start applying in sectors that are less related to their experience and skill set and will eventually face even more rejections which may push them to broaden even more their search field. As a result, their unique selling points as applicant risk to be diluted and they will more and more question themselves on what the right career path for them is.

Of course, in some cases, that could be a reality, the sector they are targeting is no longer the right one for them but at the end, whatever it is perception or reality, the outcome is very similar.

Similar courses of events apply whatever is the difficulty perceived.

In coaching we work on bringing clarity, on making sense of perceptions, emotions and thoughts, on challenging beliefs and see if they could be replaced by more empowering one in relation to the objective to find a job, so that our coachees can reconnect to their personal resources, their resilience and mobilize their cognitive power and emotional intelligence to make concrete steps and embrace a cycle where results are aligned on objectives.

A career coach is someone who can challenge and mobilize the coachees and also, provide them with tools, method and intelligence to perform toward the set objective.

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