Spouse career support

for Roche employees' spouses and partners

Roche recognises that the smooth integration of spouses and partners is an important element in ensuring a successful assignment for relocating employees.

For this reason, Roche has mandated the company job4U2 to provide coaching, support and guidance to accompanying spouses and partners in order to make relocation a success for the partners too.

Feedbacks about the support from Roche employees’ spouses and partners

This program helped me to build and keep my confidence throughout the process of finding a job, prepare my applications in an organized and timely manner, and culminated with me being able to find a good entry-level role in a great company. I am immensely grateful to the team of job4U2 and I recommend their support to all of those who are in a similar situation.

Anna M.C.Roche employee's spouse, relocating from Belgium

Job4u2 does a great job giving self-confidence in a very stressful moment.

Roberto R.Roche employee' spouse, relocating from Spain

An engaging and professional experience. The coaches at job4U2 manage to make you feel comfortable and supported whilst at the same time challenging your ideas. The team really help me define my ideal role within the Swiss employment market and to refine my professional documentation and offering to this job market.

James D.Roche employee's spouse, relocating from the UK

The job4U2 program was the best thing that I could have taken on! Working with my coach, I was able to deal with all the uncertainties that come with moving to a new continent as a trailing spouse. Not only was I able to find a job in my field of expertise, but I was able to make a move that progressed my career. This helped my wife and I settle in to our new life in Switzerland very quickly. Knowing that both of us have progression in our careers allowed us fully enjoy this opportunity

Steven D.Roche employee's spouse, relocating from Australia

My coach was invaluable in navigating my career experience in a new industry and foreign country. She has a lot of experience in understanding the culture of the corporate world which was new to me. Most importantly, she helped me reflect my own personal aspirations along the way so that they remained the lodestar rather than the busy-ness of the everyday.

Alysia H.Roche employee's spouse, relocating from the USA

I highly recommend the service provided by job4U2. My Coach gave a huge amount of practical help with establishing my business in Switzerland. She has been extremely generous with her time, and provided a wealth of practical information, tips and advice.

Bill S.Roche employee's spouse, relocating from the UK

When you move to a new country you need tools for adapting to your new life. Those could include how to build a CV or cover letter, but most importantly they should give with a support community for your daily life. I have found many friends through job4U2!

Irene D.L.Roche employee's spouse, relocating from the UK

It was hard to imagine how a service so intangible could be so useful, but I was immediately proved otherwise. Job4U2’s service proved to be invaluably exceptional. Each coaching session brought deep growth and a great deal of valuable insights. I learnt a lot on the job market, how to best identify and make opportunities and how to execute on these decisions in a practical and efficient way. Job4U2’s service was highly professional and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone!

Pablo C.Roche employee's spouse, relocating from the Netherlands

"The Job4U2 coaching has been extremely helpful in helping me land on my feet in Switzerland professionally. Nadja is professional, dedicated, enthusiastic, flexible and empathetic. Her coaching helped me to adapt my plans and expectations to the Swiss situation and my stage in life. Whereas I had my mind set on finding an academic teaching job similar to the one I held before moving to Switzerland, Nadja invited me to take my previous career as an artist as seriously as my teaching. I’m now finding my bearings in the Basel art world, while teaching on the side. Through it all Nadja enthusiastically encourages making connections with other creatives in her network, which pays of wonderfully both on a personal and a professional level. Highly recommended."

Jasper V.P.Roche employee's spouse, relocating from the USA
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Why a career support for the relocating partner?

job4U2 has for mission to ease your path towards your next career step

With a dedicated career coaching program, we increase the chance of a smooth and fast integration into the new local environment by guiding you through the Swiss landscape.

  • We help you identify what you want and need from your next career step career, get prepared and perform the actions required to accomplish your objectives
  • The coaches bring a sound knowledge about the Swiss professional requirements related to the different roles and industries, paired with a good understanding of the ways organisation’s function and the challenges they are facing.


  • The job4U2 coaches are well informed about education and training offers and trends in Switzerland and master traditional and alternative approaches to job searching and recruiting in use in Switzerland as well as the path towards entrepreneurship if that is an avenue you’d like to pursue.

How does coaching work?

You meet your coach in 1-to-1 session, in person or remotely, for 90 to 120 min. Together, you set the objectives and create a coaching alliance that will allow you to go through all the major milestones towards destination. The program is designed to last between 4 and 6 months depending on the nature of your objective and your personal pace.

Getting started

The Roche relocation team is the primary contact partner. The relocation manager initiates an assignement request at job4U2.

Sandrine, the job4U2 Director, promptly contacts the partner and asks for the completion of a simple onboarding questionnaire which purpose is to help job4U2 better understand the partner‘s background, needs, aspirations and availabilities.

Sandrine introduces the partner to his/her job4U2 career coach who sets a first appointment.

What are the typical milestones of the job4U2 program?

Roche support specifics

The support runs over 2 distinctive chapters, a core chapter and a modular one.

The job4U2 career coaching program consists in individual coaching sessions and are adapted to the specificities of the professional objective of each relocating partner.
The total cost for the program is CHF 8’000 CHF (+ 7.7% VAT)

According to the Swiss legislation, the Dual-Career Program costs are considered as a benefit within the total compensation package and therefore submitted to local social charges and income tax.

The support is fully paid by Roche but needs to be declared to payroll and is subject to withholding taxes. As a standard, declarations are split into 4 parts and are shown on 4 consecutive pay slips.

Core chapter

18 hours individual coaching in sessions of 90 or 120 min. Depending on the objective, the core chapter may cover:
Career re-orientation; Swiss résumé and application file; Professional branding; Cover letters; Application strategy; Guidance to start a business; Networking skills and strategy; Interview preparation; Career growth strategy; Competence/personality assessment.

The core chapter cost is CHF 5’700 (+ 7.7% VAT) split into 3 parts, fully paid by Roche, but declared to payroll and subject to withholding taxes shown on 3 consecutive pay slips.

Modular chapter

5 individual sessions of 90 min (7.5 hours) to be activated when needed, simultaneously or following the core chapter. Choice is offered amongst:

  • Coaching to support job search deployment efforts, insuring motivation and energy remaining at the highest level.
  • First 90-Days in a New Job coaching.
  • Coaching to activate an alternative path/option B
  • Transition life (or work/life balance) coaching
  • Mindfulness for Life Abroad
  • Project and Product Management as a job (capacities building). 

The cost for the modular chapter is CHF 2’300 (+ 7.7% VAT) fully paid by Roche, but declared to payroll and subject to withholding taxes shown on the 4th following pay slip.

To sign up today, contact the Roche Mobility Specialist in charge of your file.

Or email Sandrine van den Oudenhoven @job4U2 to ask your eventual questions.