Mastermind groups are mentoring groups used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members. Members challenge each other to set and accomplish strong goals.

There are 2 main different types of Mastermind groups

Peers to peers Mastermind Groups

A peer-driven mastermind group is a small group of 3 to 6 individuals who are at roughly the same level in their journey and where everyone feels like they can give and receive roughly the same amount of value in their group.
Such peers to peers groups are very often self-organized. They set their own agenda and bring together people of their choosing. They can either be about a broad industry theme or a specific goal theme.

Expert-led Mastermind Groups
These mastermind groups size can range from 4 to 20 people.
In this setting, the expert often has the leader role and is often two or more steps ahead of the members of the group in a field of expertise or in professional seniority.
These groups are often paid membership groups with recurring fees. They are mainly reputed, established organisations that are not open to just anyone and everyone. They may have exclusive criteria when selecting new members.

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People interested in joining a mastermind group have 2 options:
  • Join an existing mastermind group:

In such case, they need to explore what are the groups that will be interesting for them and what are the pre-requisites and access conditions.A few organisations offer an overview of the mastermind groups they host. The Success Alliance does. Meetup is also a good place to identify already formed master mind groups, so is LinkedIn.

  • Create their own Mastermind group:

A wide range of guides and tips is available online to help getting started with the creation of your new mastermind group. Creating and animating a Mastermind group required group facilitation skills. It could be interesting, especially when considering starting an expert-led Mastermind group and even more, when participation fees will be requested, to follow a targeted course to become a certified Mastermind facilitator. Amongst other organisations, The Success Alliance and the Mastermind Business Academy are providing such education in English.