Job search, especially when associated to the experience of relocating aboard, can be a true emotional rollercoaster going from pick of stress, melancholy and period of tremendous excitement.

It does take resilience to go through this period and resilience is something that require attention and care. One of the little effort- little time action with big impact- big benefit and accessible to all is Cardiac coherence.

The cardiac coherence is a rhythmic or a coherent heart rate variability that balances the nervous system and emotional state.
Our natural tendency is to breathe at a rate of two to three seconds per inhale and exhale, consuming an amount of air that is proportional to the length of our breaths. In coherent breathing the length of both the inhale and exhale is around six seconds. There are tools to support the implementation of this slightly forced rhythmic, one of them is the app Kardia.

Your body achieving 5 hours of positive health results after 5 minutes of cardiac coherence, to maintain the benefit all along your day, it’s recommended to perform the exercice every 5 hours.

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Sandrine van den Oudenhoven


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