Why Job Searching with a positive mindset is more effective than without?

Have you noticed that when you reply “I am looking for a job!” when asked “what are you doing?”, your interlocutor often seems embarrassed, sometime even sorry for you?
To most people job searching calls into negative thoughts, uncomfortable feelings and into something to be avoided if you can.
Is displeasure and sorrow what you anticipate as you enter in your job search journey?
Is it what your relatives fear you will meet in your quest?
At this stage, I would like to advance a hypothesis and see if you could agree with it:

If one person can enjoy a job search, another one can too.


Life has blessed me with 4 job searches so far. 3 of them, I enjoyed a lot.
One was about a career change: it was all about exploring a field I was extremely curious about.
Each application was feeding my hunger for new perspectives

and my thirst for knowledge for the sector I was willing to enter. No need to say that with such a motivation, my job search has been pretty short, and I was hired very quickly.

Another one was occurring because I had relocated abroad. I visited the Netherlands and Belgium at the pace of the invitations to interviews I received. Each interview was a reason for a touristic discovery tour in a new city, I was looking forward to each appointment. The right job crossed my way before I was done with the exploration: there are still parts of the Netherlands that I don’t know!

The third job search was a personal discovery trip: I was not really sure what I was going to do next. I did a lot of research’s, most of them taking me away from employment type of roles. It ended up in one interview which was the revelation: I discovered I wanted to create my own company while I was being interviewed! 3 months after it was live.

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The only time I did not enjoy a job search was the first one I conducted, right after graduation. I was expecting it to be unpleasant, it has been. Looking back now, I am not surprised, my mind-set anticipated the annoyance and shaped it.
The lesson I’ve learned with these personal experiences has since been reinforced by what I witness, as a career coach, with my coachees. The moment job search become enjoyable, success is always just around the corner.
An enjoyable job search can mean different things depending on who you are: it can be a source of knowledge, a way to discover a new country, to get accounted to a new culture, to discover a new industry, to ease off on the pedal, to practice a language, to get out of the house, to be challenged, to score a success, to meet new people, to touch your own limits, etc.
The very first things you can do to enter into your own form of job search enjoyment is to adjust your belief from “job search is a pain“ to your own version of what a job search could alternatively be.
Go for a double objective:
– Objective 1: find a job.
– Objective 2: [ articulate here your own enjoyment objective for during your job search ]

In such case, they need to explore what are the groups that will be interesting for them and what are the pre-requisites and access conditions.A few organisations offer an overview of the mastermind groups they host. The Success Alliance does. Meetup is also a good place to identify already formed master mind groups, so is LinkedIn.

Then switch objective 1 with objective 2. Doesn’t it already feel better?

Why Job searching with a positive mindset is so important?

Have you ever noticed what happens when you start a day smiling? When you know that you will be successful? When you are truly enjoying what you do?

Job search does not work any differently.