3 tips to thrive during the Covid-19 crisis

We’re all facing a major crisis, at the humanity and society level, but also at the personal level. Very few amongst us had ever been in a situation where our personal life changed that much that fast.
The abundance of tips and recommendations currently shared in social media is a wonderful thing but could also be overwhelming at some point.

Here’s the question we asked ourselves as a team:
Additionally to the health recommendations and  stay-at-home instructions relayed by the Swiss Authorities, what are the 3 things we would  like to tell everyone thriving during the Covid19 crisis?”

Tip 1. Connect to the positive by implementing the gratitude routine.

Practicing gratitude flood your brain with feel-good chemicals like serotonin and train our mind to recognise what is positive in our day, whatever how the day was. A good time for a 5 minutes gratitude pause can be the evening but you can pick any time you prefer. It’s easy, it only takes to start mentally a sentence by “Today I am grateful for:” and to think about minimum 3 reasons. It can also be something you write down. Up to you.

Tip 2. Balance your emotional state by practicing cardiac coherence.

The cardiac coherence is a state of coherent heart rate variability that balances the nervous system and emotional state. The nervous, cardiovascular, endocrine and immune systems are working efficiently and in harmony. Coherence is the basis of optimum performance and health in the human being. This can be attained through this 5-minutes breathing technique. Through a regular practice, it’s our entire body that finds a balance. The 5 minutes exercises are to be performed 3 times a day, each day, ideally every 5 hours. It’s easy to find tools to help you practice cardiac coherence, one is the app KARDIA.

Tip 3. Fill your sense of purpose and need for contacts by get involved in a (remote) collaborative activity.

Physical isolation does not necessarily mean not having contact with the outside world. A positive consequence of the Codiv19 crisis is that everybody is letting go on some of their usual activities, creating some space for new types of engagement and time for new connections. You may consider stepping into an existing group or association such as Here we are Switzerland, join a mastermind online group or a think-tank.