During the Coronavirus pandemic, many hiring managers and recruiters got familiar with video call interviews. Since then, they became more frequently used.

It’s not unlikely that  you will be requested to perform a video call interview in the early stage of the candidates selection process.

Here is a range of 11 tips to help make your remote interview a success:

  • 1- Make sure to use a room where you will not be disturbed (no kids around, a calm room, all social media/email/messaging notifications off) but in case you would be accidentally disturbed, do not feel too bad about it: in the current situation, we all know we are coping with a very extraordinary situation and we just do as good as we can.
  • 2- Pay attention that whatever is in the background is neat and tidy.
  • 3- Check the stability of your internet signal, whenever possible prefer a landline to Wi-fi or 4G.
  • 4- Give yourself plenty of time to take/make the call – do not squeeze it between other commitments.
  • 5- Eat something that bring you energy before the call.
  • 6- Make sure you have everything ready within reach (job description when available, your CV, your agenda, a clock/watch, a notepad, your notes, a pen and a glass of water).
  • 7- Install your computer so that the camera is at eye level (use a stable pile of books if needed).
  • 8- Dress up exactly as you would have done if the interview would have been face to face.
  • 9- Connect to the video call platform at least 10 min before and be ready to notify the recruiting party well in advance in case you’d be facing some connection issues.
  • 10- Do not skip the small talk, it’s even more important to establish a good personal connection when you do not have the chance to meet physically.
  • 11- During the interview, do not type your notes on the computer, it’s a disagreeable feeling to hear someone typing while you speak).

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