What unemployment benefits for professionals owning a B/C Swiss permit?

Because of the uncertainty of the ongoing crisis, you might be confronted to recurring internal conversations starting with “what if….” and their related lots of fears.
A big part of anxiety might feed upon a lack of information on the swiss unemployment system and your rights and obligations.

This article provides some basic information about unemployment benefits for non-Swiss nationals in Switzerland.

What are the conditions to benefits from unemployment compensations when made redundant?

You are legally allowed to live and work in Switzerland. This implies you have valid residence permit: For EU-27/EFTA nationals, a B permit is valid for 5 years. If you are unemployed at the time of renewal, you could see the prolongation set to one year instead of 5. For professionals from so-called third states (nationals from neither EU/EFTA member states nor Switzerland), a B permit is renewed from one year to the next and is tied to the employer. In case of unemployment, a renewal would not be granted. C permit are for an unlimited period, no conditions are attached nor for EU or EU citizen.

You have been employed for at least twelve months during the previous two years (or twelve months during the previous four years, if you have a child under ten to whom you dedicated your time) and during this period, you have paid ALV/AVS contributions. For EU counties citizen, the periods of insurance or employment in a member state of the European Union (EU) can be taken into account, as long as the last employment was in Switzerland and you have received the form 716.103 from your employer.

You have earned at least 500 CHF a month before registering as unemployed.

How to claim unemployment benefits?
  • You register, in person, at your local unemployment office (RAV/RP) in your respective canton.
  • You provide the requested forms and documents (working contracts, salaries slips, dismissal letters, 716.103 form, birth certificates of the kids)
  • You are actively searching for a new job ad can demonstrate this.
How is the unemployment benefit amount calculated and what’s the maximum duration?

As a rule, the benefit is 70% of the insured earnings up to a maximum of CHF 12’350/month if you do not have dependent children under the age of 25 in Switzerland or abroad and 80% if you do.

As a standard calculation basis, the average salary of the last 6 months is taken as the basis for the calculation unless the average salary of the last 12 months of contributions proves to be more advantageous for you.

Rm. Only the salaries (or the part of the salaries) bellow Fr. 12’350/month or Fr. 148’200/year (12 x Fr. 12’350) are insured for unemployment.

If you are a EU citizen and comply to the above requirements, In case you worked at least 4 weeks in Switzerland before becoming unemployed, the amount of the daily allowance in the event of unemployment is in principle calculated on the basis of the wage that the unemployed person received in the last country of employment.

The duration of the entitlement to the unemployment compensation range from 9 to 24 months depending on how long you have contributed during the last 2 years before you request the compensation. (It is the duration of the employment relationship certified by the employer that is decisive, not the number of days worked).