What about my career!

What about my career!  – Second session with Sara –
“Bonjour, asseyez-vous je vous prie Madame Da cotta” he said
– “Euh, merci. Is it possible to continue in English? I will certainly be able to explain myself better in English than in French.”
– “Oh your French is quite good. But it’s fine; It’s good for me too, to practice my English.I guess you know that it is very difficult when you don’t speak French or German to find a job in operations here in Switzerland. What about your German level?”

Sara was red, and her eyes were tearing up when telling me about her first and only interview in Switzerland.
He even told me, I need to have my first job and then it will be

easier to be hired! I thought he was kidding but he really meant that!

Although it was not the first time a client relayed such an interview experience; I felt, once more, disheartened and disappointed about the attitude of some recruiters with newcomers.
This is far from a generalization, in fact some recruiters I know are truly interested in people and show a lot of respect to applicants, Swiss or foreigners. But unfortunately, Sara had not been lucky enough to meet one of those that time.

I noticed my next question to Sara surprised her quite a bit because she changed her position. She started thinking and searching for the answer in her previous professional experiences.

Can you remember a time, in one of your last jobs, where someone came to you with a strong affirmation which in the end happened to be wrong?

As a matter of fact, she said while almost laughing, in my last company, it was all about that!
Our sales team said: “We lost these customers forever, they will never buy from us again”. That indeed was proven to be wrong!
Or on another occasion, the production staff said: “we can’t reduce the prices any further as prices had been reduced so much in the last few years. We have reached a plateau”. Again this was proven to be wrong!

Ok, I said. Now someone has told you “You can’t get a job here if you do not speak the language and do not have this or this diploma”. And you just agree?

Sara smiled, enjoying the provocation, starting to put together strength to fight any arguments that could come her way.

This is an extract of the Essay What-about-my-Career!” available on request here

“There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge”  – Napoleon Hill

Sandrine van den Oudenhoven

About the author:
sandrinepicture_contactSandrine van den Oudenhoven helps dual career couples to make their relocation in Switzerland a project for both. With the job4U2 programs, she is supporting the accompanying partners’ professional integration by sharing her knowledge of the Swiss economic network, of the recruiters’ expectations and custom, but also by deploying her ability to nurture individuals’ motivation and positive energy during this period of major changes. 

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