The 10 secret keys to unlock your potential and build a network from scratch in no time.

A definition for Networking that has been circulating some time ago in the media was “The unpleasant task of trading favors with strangers.”

In truth, this is exactly how networking feels at first for most people I work with as a career
Fortunately, they are efficient technics for building a network quickly and keys to make the process more comfortable and sometime, yes enjoyable.

Key 1: start by taking care of yourself by refilling your energy level. When reaching out to others, they intuitively caliber on your mood and energy level. If you shine, they’ll give you more back than if you don’t. Nurture your optimism and treat yourself kindly.

Key2: Fill your life with something that animate you: If you do not find your own life interesting, you could not expect other to be interested in it in return.

Key3: Understand what your values are, the ones preventing you to fully emerge yourself into the networking activities and the ones which could be used as resources.

 Key4: Identify the sabotaging voice whispering in your head and call it for what it is “your inner sabotaging voice” which may well be telling you something different than what the reality is really about.

Key5: Levering on your resource values, craft an empowering positive say annihilating the inner sabotaging voice, make it your mantra.

Key6: Research, follow, reach, watch out, be on top of things to know what is happening in your world.

Key7: find a networking mate or several of them and let people know where you are networking, you increase the chance to meet known
faces where you’ll be.

Top 8: Let go on the result, connect to the present and allow yourself to simply enjoy being there.

Key9: After each networking session, make it a routine to carry on a benevolent debriefing with yourself: what went well? What did you do
that make it go well? What could you have done even better?

Key10: Reach to a coach or a mentor to help you orchestrating the above tips.

Sandrine van den Oudenhoven


About the author:

Sandrine van den Oudenhoven helps dual career couples to make their relocation in Switzerland a project for both. With the job4U2 programs, she is supporting the accompanying partners’ professional integration by sharing her knowledge of the Swiss economic network, of the recruiters’ expectations and custom, but also by deploying her ability to nurture individuals’ motivation and positive energy during this period of major changes.

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