Test your knowledge about the Swiss job market

The Swiss job market has its interesting specificities rooted in the country cultural and economic context. We have prepared a quiz as an entertaining introduction to the Swiss job market.
Give it a try and challenge your perceptions and beliefs about this market.

job4U2 facilitates dual career partners adjustment to the new location by enabling their access to a local professional activity. Our motto: “Relocation is a project for both”.

♦ Career Coaching in the areas, career orientation, job search and company creation, to international professionals with divers cultural and professional backgrounds and different seniority levels
♦ Support professionals in deploying their career in Switzerland focusing on career orientation, project definition, personal branding, social media strategy, powerful application file, application strategy, hidden market access, fast networking methodologies, and performance during the recruitment process
♦ Creative solutions to specific and challenging situations such as atypical career paths, part time occupation requirements , work-life balance aspirations, etc.
♦ Train and support HR professionals on the topic dual career in the recruitment process.

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