Yippee! After the summer, I will look for a job!

Lately, I’ve managed tens and tens of projects for my employers, but this time, the project is about me, the objective is about me and I am truly the leader, full responsibility, full accountability, full freedom!

First thing I’ll do, is set up my dream team: First, my partner, always the first sponsor of all my life roles, stakeholder in my successes and financial support during the job search period.

A few friends, the ones who are always positive, who know when I need a good joke or a shoulder to rest. I will officially ask them to be part of my team and why not? Set up weekly skypes with them to updated them of my week progress. I’m sure Sara will love it, David too.
With Laura, I will agree to have a WhatsApp exchanges daily to tell each other the 3 things we ae grateful about in our day.

And a career coach, someone whose sole concern and objective is to care about me, someone I can fully trust to share my craziest dreams, my fears and my twisted thoughts, someone who will help me see my strengths and who will believe in me, someone who will not tell me “you should do this, don’t do that” but who will understand my unique way of functioning and show me how to leverage on it.

Then, I will take care of myself, I need to be a shining star!
Maybe I’ll give a serious try to mindfulness, I heard it helps being more efficient and more in the present moment, it seems to be exactly what I need!
I will reorganise my day routine, and Yes! Now that I am living in Switzerland, I will take advantage of the amazing air quality and practice daily an outside sport, rowing? jogging? tennis? I will make some appointments with the local clubs and see what suits me best.

I will meet plenty of new people, most will be interested in hearing about me. That’s a welcome change: in my last job, nobody really cared, it was mainly about them.
I will learn how to engage them, how to make them eager to meet me. Who knows, maybe I learn new approaches that can be applied in my next career step….

I look so much forward to have a brand-new LinkedIn profile. Maybe, once it’s set up, I will reconnect with colleagues from my very first job, I wonder what they became…

It’s decided, I will give myself time and space to make this job search a wonderful experience, I am not naïve, I know it will be hard at some times, I might be doubting, procrastinating or even be scared but, outside comfort zone, I know magic happens and I am ready for it!

On a scale1 to 10 how much do you relate to this vision of a job search?
What is it that you are ready to do to increase your score by just 1 point?

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