What changes in your job search during the Covid-19 crisis?

Behind each problem very often lies an opportunity that we can only see when we do not let fears and anxiety overwhelm us. Once we have secured that we comply to the directive of the local authorities, another priority, in this period of incertitude, is to take good care of our mental balance.
With more serenity it then becomes possible to identify what, during the COVID-19 crisis, is within your sphere of influence regarding your professional project objective.
Anything which is not within your sphere of influence is not worth overthinking, this would only be counterproductive and could jeopardize your efforts to remain mentally fit.
Here are some ideas about elements that are possibly in your sphere of influence despite the coronavirus crisis:
  • Nurture your employability, upgrade your professional profile by acquiring a new skill,
  • Strengthen your knowledge about trends and challenges in the industry you are targeting,
  • Upgrade your professional and personal branding,
  • Gain in personal awareness, know more about your competence and personality strengths
You might even discover that many elements are within your sphere of influence and might wonder what to prioritize. Depending on your personality and present needs, some of the below questions might help:
  • What would most help me feel good?
  • What would most certainly contribute to progress towards my professional objective?
  • What is easier to achieve?
By letting go on what is not within your sphere of influence, by identifying what is, you’ll become aware of adjustments you need to implement and will be in a better place to refocus your action plan and reconnect with a sense of progress.