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4U2 invent your Swiss career

You want to use the relocation as an opportunity to reinvent your career for more fulfilment? to find out what would give you sense and purpose and utilise best your skills set?

4U2 invent is for you!

 The objective of the 4U2 invent program is to use the relocation and its associated changes as an opportunity to orient your career in a direction more in line with your today
identity and/or with the possibilities and constraints related to the new environment.

Together we work on your areas of interest and motivation. It’s a journey, a discovery of the person you have become.
We identify and prioritise key relevant experiences, resources, skills and talents and help you defeat your own resistances and limitations.
We draw a general direction: a career general path.
Next, we map a bill of demand for the next career step and search roles fitting the demand pattern.
The professional projects that you have prioritized are fine-tuned and we help you find what you need to make a decision and validate your goal.
We set up a practical action-plan and support you in the implementation of the first steps.

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