You are a spouse or a partner, considering a move to Switzerland to follow your partner’s job, or you are already in Switzerland, without a support network, and feel overwhelmed by your present situation.

Your partner is currently, or will be in the near future, under considerable stress to get a grip on the new foreign working environment and to meet tough targets, and you don’t see yourself sitting at home bored and frustrated by the fear of disruption to your career.

One of the most critical questions you may have is:

“What about my career?”

Due to our extensive knowledge of the Swiss employment market and our own personal experience of international relocation, we believe that “Relocation is a project for both” and have thus developed specific programs to help you kick-start your career project in Switzerland which will support you on your journey.

You are in Switzerland only for a couple of years?
  • You do not want to waste your time and talents?
  • You want to be professionally challenged?
  • To gain experience and skills?
  • To avoid holes in your CV?
  • Do something you always wanted to do?
Contact us to see how to best map your professional future or download our brochure.
You are looking for a local job? Take action now!

Try the on-line assessment tool to discover what is the bottleneck holding you from securing a job in Switzerland and get a job4U2 related program offer:

Customise Programme

Here you will find some free targeted support to get you started:
Get the FREE e-book “What about my career! A short story” by Sandrine van den Oudenhoven.
As a bonus you will also receive a digest of information and tips to kick-start your job search in Switzerland.

The job4U2 Circle, a linkedIn group exclusively for the dual career partner in Switzerland with tens and tens of tips, advice, shared articles.linkedin-circle
The blog with exclusive articles from Sandrine van den Oudenhoven and from many Swiss experts, partners of job4U2.
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