This is now the perfect time to start your own business or freelance activity, you need a professional coach to take you all along the path of creating a new business from the idea to operating your own company.We gathered our experience acquired by helping accompanying partners to set up their own businesses into the 4U2 LAUNCH.At job4U2, we proud ourselves of having been part of the journey towards the creation of amazing new business and independent activities in various fields. Real-Estate, drugs development, life-sciences consulting, media, interior decoration, marketing, e-commerce, energy, education, coaching, landscape architecture, photography, and much more…

Creating a company is a process, which should be approached as any other project; we help our coachees approaching it with method, insuring that they build strong enough pillars, capable to support the future company growth. We take them through objective and mission setting, analysing their market, building a business model, defining operational, marketing and financial strategy and plans. We bring our knowledge of the local market to insure the business model is viable.

We guide our coachees through the administrative obligations, keeping it as simple as it can and never overwhelming them with quantity of non-relevant information. We offer counseling so that they can do as much as possible on their own, not creating extra starting costs. We provide connections with local networks and with people offering cost efficient solutions for small business owners when needed.

For more infomation, please contact us directly.

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