15 trendy jobs for the future- 3 criteria to find yours (part 3/5: Environment Care)

The jobs selected for this series of blogs are all occupations which demand will increase in the coming years.
5 categories will see the most important upwards trends: Healthcare and Personal Care / IT & Digitalisation / Environment Care / Education and Professional supports / Factory 4.0.

For each presented trendy job, we provide 3 criteria to help you assess if that is something for you:

  • Entrance efforts: How much learning efforts one would need to deploy to step in that new occupation field: low, mid, high.
  • Growth trend: Some sectors will grow faster and more intensively than others: low, mid, high.
  • Local Language requirements: Some occupations will have some global or regional reach and some others will be more local, implying different languages requirements: low, high.

In today’s blog, the focus is given to 3 jobs in the category Environment Care.
When available, we provide some further information about the way, in Switzerland, to educate yourself for these professions.


The recycling sector will create millions of new high tech green jobs. Some roles combine waste management and recycling functions, while others split them into separate jobs. Tomorrow’s recyclers won’t be sorting materials or products for recycling they will be turning the concept of a circular economy into reality. Most will work within the manufacturing industries selves to improve the company’s management of its waste and energy A waste manager organizes and manages waste disposal, collection and recycling facilities. He/she may also be responsible for waste treatment and street cleaning operations. Being up to date with legislation is fully part of the skill set expected from a waste manager.

Entrance effort: low to high (depending on the seniority/leadership required by the job)
Growth trend: high
Local Language requirement: high

Education: Educations available in Switzerland include the apprenticeship (CFC Recycler), The Nature and environment specialist federal degree and the Bachelor of Science HES in energy and environmental technologies


Solar Technicians maintain solar power systems, so they work at their highest capacity. This can mean working with a passive system, such as heat from a window, or an active system, such as solar panels on a roof that gather and direct sunlight into storage batteries. Maintaining these systems entails repairing solar panels, replacing pumps or fans, and exploring more effective designs.
Solar Technicians  team up with Solar Engineers  tp designed  new product or process, and assist in its installation and maintenance.
The roles also implies evaluation of what materials retain the most energy from the sun, consider different storage options, and create lighter, more portable, and more economical products.

Entrance effort: low to high (depending on the seniority/leadership required by the job)
Growth trend: high
Local Language requirement: mid

Education: Chef(fe) de projet en montage solaire avec brevet fédéral Brevet fédéral BF, Diplôme fédéral DF Bachelor of Science HES⁠-⁠SO en Energie et techniques environnementales


Most renewable energy consultants primarily work out of consulting offices offering technical advice and project management assistance. They help their clients update and implement policies and procedures that ensure the delivery of the highest quality customer service in the most cost-effective manners. They analyze and evaluate renewable electric and gas technologies from a wide range of data sources to identify different risks, factors and scenarios that may impact the project.

Entrance effort: high
Growth trend: mid
Local Language requirement: mid

Education: A Bachelor’s degree with a major in Alternative and Renewable Energy is the ideal starting point for an aspiring renewable energy consultant, some distance learning option are available on the market. In Switzerland, the EPFL offers a master’s program in Energy Science and Technology and a Master’s degree program in Energy Science and Technology (MEST) is offered by ETH Zurich

In upcoming blogs you will discover jobs related to Education and Professional supports

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