job4U2 facilitates the partners of international employees to adjust successfully to a new location and enable them to gain access to local professional activity.

The job4U2 Dual Career support programs:

programspredeparture4U2 PRE-DEPARTURE
The objective is that by the end of the module the spouse has adopted a “ I decided to come” rather than a “ I agreed to come” mindset and possesses a better understanding of what living and developing a career in Switzerland will be like.

The objective is to use the relocation and its associated changes as an opportunity to orientate the career in a direction more in line with the new identity of the spouse and/or with the possibilities and constraints related to the new environment.

The objective is that by the end of the module the spouse has either found a job or is able to continue the job search on his/her own and is prepared for all the individual steps encompassed by the recruitment process.

programsbusiness4U2 START UP A BUSINESS
The objective is that by the end of the module the spouse has acquired the knowledge required to establish the company in Switzerland and has finalized a detailed action plan for the first year. *

*The Career orientation module can also be adapted to the own business project to help identify ideas and possibilities.

programsadjust4U2 WELCOME & ADJUSTMENT
The objective is that by the end of the module the spouse has started the adjustment process of living in Switzerland, has made social connections and can project a positive future and conceive of exiting opportunities in the new home country.

The specificities of the method
  • Newly relocated spouses have the basic need to meet and exchange with people so we value face-to-face workshops rather than skype or virtual meetings.
  • To avoid isolation and to give the spouse a good reason to get outside the house, the workshops are organized in cozy and quiet places such as coffee shops or restaurants, in their direct local environment.
  • We believe that being involved in a job search not only helps reach the objective but is also an enjoyable experience, supporting cultural adjustment, social networking and well-being in the new location: the job4U2 consultants are personable and passionate about people, always available to listen and support the spouse even when dealing with non-career related issues.
“As the person responsible for managing all relocation services for a pharma company in the Canton of Neuchâtel, I had the pleasure of engaging the services of Sandrine, when it was decided in 2011, to add partner career -support to our existing selection of services. Sandrine’s extensive network and wealth of resources sets her aside from other service providers and has meant that she has been able to successfully provide career-support to people from a very diverse range of backgrounds. Sandrine is able to strike the right balance between motivating and encouraging individuals and managing their expectations in relation to the realities of the local employment market. “- 
Clare W. Corporate client