Closing 2017 & wishing you a festive Holiday Season!

Time to invite each of you to pause down for a minute and to participate to our now traditional mood-booster-end-of-the-year-exercise: writing the list of your 10 greatest successes and satisfactions of the year.
Successes can be personal or professional, they all deserve to be celebrated!

At job4U2, we did the exercise and are proud to share with you that in 2017, we…

• have enjoyed our achievement in obtaining a satisfaction scope of 4.8/5 on our key criteria: efficiency/ commitment/responsibility/empathy/respect/quality

• have witnessed coaches successfully, with faith and determination, embracing new meaningful careers paths.

• have been touched in the deepest parts of our hearts by the many kind feed-back words of the people we have accompanied.

• have proudly supported our corporate clients in their continuous effort to hire the best talents who more and more are involved in a dual career.

• have strengthen existing partnership relationships, have engaged with new corporate clients and enlarged our network with many new amazing highly interesting people we met all along this last year.

• have enjoyed rich exchanges, fun, friendship and the belonging to a well running bounded job4U2 team.

• have settled the job4U2 Basel team in the new job4U2 office on Grünpfahlgasse in the beautiful city center of Basel.

• have provided trainings modules in the “Brevet RH” program, giving us another opportunity to raise awareness on the challenge dual career creates for talent acquisition and retention.

• have further grown the community job4u2 circle reaching over 500 members and are still growing rapidly.

• have published 15 blogs on the job4U2 website.

• have learnt from our peers and enjoyed sharing our knowledge and our love for our profession.

All together we have enjoyed a beautiful, rich and diverse year 2017. All of us are looking forward to the holidays, but before closing the offices for a few days, we want to wish you all a very festive Holiday Season and a very happy start in the new year.

Enjoy the Season Holiday!

The job4U2 team

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