Why is it such a challenge to pitch and why is it also a challenge to give someone a feedback?

Job4U2, in collaboration with Gyrate, has recently organised a Pitch & Challenge Feedback on LinkedIn. An impressive number of people have been curious about it and have taken a first step to better understand what pitching and feedback were about.

Very few have dared to step in. Indeed Sharing a pitch on a Linkedin group, not knowing who will be reading it is not an easy step to take. It does indeed require stepping out of the comfort zone.

Why proposing this challenge then? Because we believe it is all about stepping out of the comfort zone.

Looking for a job in a foreign country where nobody else than yourself can back you up on your expertise and ability to create value for an employer, require stepping out of the comfort zone.

Starting a business or an independent activity, having to sell your products or your services and convince people to trust you, engaging them into a commercial relationship, is about stepping out of the comfort zone.

Working your way into an organisation and progressing within that organisation requires stepping out of the comfort zone. Obtaining the deserved recognition requires indeed stepping out of the comfort zone. If we want to progress in our professional life we need the courage  to step up and be ready for exposure and even seek exposure and feedback.

Providing feedback to someone can at first seem a bit scary. It feels personal, and on receiving feedback it gets even more personal. On the other hand, not being open to feedback is a missed opportunity to improve your skills and think of how your feedback can really move the needle in someone else’s life!

Providing feedback on another person’s pitch is a demanding exercise. It requires you to put yourself aside and disregard what the other person thinks or feels and focus on helping the other person improve. This level of abnegation is not easy to reach, but think of the impact your feedback can have on another person’s performance and professional future.  

For most of us, direct, transparent feedback does not come natural. This is part of the reason why I value so much what Gyrate represents. Their purpose is to introduce transparent feedback culture into organizations, giving team members the right set of tools to provide relatable feedback to each other that helps them improve performance and progress in their professional career.  

Realising where we set our own limits and becoming conscious about them is a major step towards gaining the ability to outperform them. Sometime we realise that something we found easy at first, when having to actually do it, is encountering inner resistance. A coach is a person who welcome these limits and who invite you to have the curiosity to go and approach them with benevolence and to find the motivation to outplace them.

Sandrine van den Oudenhoven

About the author:
sandrinepicture_contactSandrine van den Oudenhoven helps dual career couples to make their relocation in Switzerland a project for both. With the job4U2 programs, she is supporting the accompanying partners’ professional integration by sharing her knowledge of the Swiss economic network, of the recruiters’ expectations and custom, but also by deploying her ability to nurture individuals’ motivation and positive energy during this period of major changes.


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