Sandrine van den Oudenhoven
sandrine05_webNeuchatel- Lausanne locations and Team Lead for executive roles, freelancing and Engineering, IT and Industrial sectorsSandrine is the founder and managing director of job4U2. She is the mother of 2 kids in school age and enjoys outdoors sports and activities . Sandrine has an engineering background and previous experience in R&D, Sales, Procurement, and Supply chain mainly in multinational groups in Switzerland and abroad. Sandrine is a French citizen, works in English and French and speak some German and Dutch.

Simone Noussitou de Rham
Geneva lake area. Simone‚Äôs professional background is in leadership roles within the FMCG industry. She experienced Dual-Career and mobility challenges both as the expat and as the expat partner in Europe and in Asia. Simone is a career and leadership coach who has a unique drive, enthusiasm and passion for helping people to succeed and thrive. Mother of two, Simone is passionate about discovering new cultures and finding ways to exploit her creativity (photography, sewing creations, writing). She is a Swiss and Argentinean citizen who coaches equally in English and French.

Diana Bocskai
Basel-Zurich locations and Team Lead for Banking and Business & HR services sectors. Diana has an educational background in Sociology, NPL and coaching. Her work experience includes HR, diversity management, cultural awareness trainings and transition support. She is a mother of 2, enjoy a lot cooking and is passionate for traveling and hiking. She is a Swiss and Hungarian citizen who speaks English, German/Swiss German, and Hungarian.

Nadja Feddermann
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABern-Basel locations and Team Lead for Academic, Scientist and Medical careers.Nadja has a scientist academic background, has worked abroad and has supported the Swiss integration of numerous expats from all over the world. Beside job4U2, Nadja also guides entrepreneurs and professionals through performance optimizations. Nadja likes sports, dance and handicraft work, she is a Swiss citizen who speaks German, Swiss German, English and French.

Susanne Ritter
Basel area. Susanne is a career coach in Switzerland since 2008 and has in depth experience supporting dual careers. Her professional background is Logistic and HR and she is a certified coach since 2012. Originally from Denmark, Susanne speaks English, German, Swiss German and of Danish. She is the mother of three grown up sons and she enjoy cooking and gardening in her free-time.
Susanne is a warm and engaged person who is passionate about helping and inspiring international professionals and supporting their installation in Switzerland.

Dominique Bourqui
dominiqueTeam Lead for entrepreneurship projects. Dominique is an experienced entrepreneur, consultant and certified business coach, owner of BFCC. She holds a PhD in law from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. In 2007, she founded Swissmadprod, a television and radio production company in France and Switzerland. Dominique loves seeing ideas turning into project that materialize. She is involved in different voluntary works. Dominique is a Swiss and German Citizen, trilingual in French, German and English.

Note: In addition to the core team, job4U2 occasionally works with selected  partners who are trained to the job4U2 methods and tools. They complete the team expertise by bringing extra specializations and/or languages for client’s special needs. Read more.