lausanne-genevaIn the Lake Geneva region, which encompasses the cantons of Geneva, Vaud and Valais, more than 30% of the resident population are non-Swiss citizen. After French, English is the second most spoken language (close to 5%), followed by Italian and German.

Hundreds of multinational companies have established their global or regional headquarters in this highly international area. This fact means that this area continues to draw large numbers of international employees and expats.

The number of English speaking jobs is very high, as is the competition level amongst qualified applicants.

Because of the high level of job requirements and competitiveness of the job market, accompanying spouses often require professional career support to be able to find access to the local job market.

For all inquiries about job4U2 offers in the region send your email to: lake.geneva[at]job4U2[dot]ch
I found job4U2 an asset in my Swiss jobsearch. They gave me great motivation and helped me find many position’s I would not have found alone.  I was encouraged to think outside the box which brought me fantasic idea’s and business opportunity’s for the future. They have a wonderful attitude and it was an absolute blessing for me when I relocated to Lausanne.  Many thanks and praise to all at job4U2 for their incredible service.”
Stephen M. (accompanying partner)
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