basel-zurichThe northern part of Switzerland is one of the most successful economic regions in the world.

The life sciences cluster around Basel includes both multinationals and large companies as well as numerous small and medium-sized companies offering a multitude of job opportunities for qualified spouses.

Zurich, located 1 hour away from Basel, with its banks and global headquarters of international companies can be deemed the economic capital of Switzerland.

The populations of these two modern cities, and surrounding regions, possess a very high percentage of foreigners (over 30%) and the pressure to adjust and integrate may occasionally be felt. The local language is Swiss German (a significantly different dialect in Basel compared to Zurich) followed by standard German, which is spoken by 23% of their inhabitants in their home countries. Remarkably, almost 10% of Zurich’s residents profess English to be their mother tongue.

The accompanying partner will need to demonstrate the ability to integrate and will require support to gain access both to professional and social networks in order to successfully access local job market opportunities.

For all inquiries about job4U2 offers in the region, send your email to basel.zurich[at]job4U2[dot]ch
“Relocating in a new country is a big challenge, and looking for a job without knowing local rules and language can be frustrating. When relocation to Kreuzlingen Working with job4U2, helped me to understand the unspoken rules, and made my search much more effective. The consultant was a real partner in developing the strategy for landing interviews and managing the selection process. I warmly recommend  job4U2 to any trailing partner, because it is not a outplacement service, it’s a personal, tailor made support to start a new career
Marzio M.( accompanying spouse)
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