The job4U2 consultants have wide-ranging experience of the local employment market, managing dual careers, the challenges of parenting and relocation. They are highly personable and passionate about people, always available to listen and support the spouse and have a comprehensive knowledge of the recruitment market and especially the peculiarities of finding employment in Switzerland.

All in-house as well as external consultants have been trained to the 4U2 program method and its tools.

The programs of job4U2 Dual Career Support deliver excellent results in facilitating the employee partner’s adjustment to the new location and enable them to gain access to local professional activity.

job4U2 supports dual-career employee spouses and partners in the Swiss Mittelland (BE, SO, FR, NE), lake Geneva and the Basel-Zurich area.

The specifics of job4U2 Dual Career Support

Our service’s sole focus is the employee’s partner and our objective is their integration into the local community. To achieve this result, we approach each client as an individual case and adjust our program according to the profile and situation of each partner.

The values:Efficiency | Commitment | Responsibility | Empathy | Respect | Quality

It is our priority to be efficient in the way that we handle each mission, in order to be in a position to deliver a service that meets prior expectations. We are committed to, and responsible for, the success of each assignment and the satisfaction of each client we work with. We value cultural differences and respect that the impact of expatriation and its associated adaptation requirements are experienced differently, depending on background, gender and origins.

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Working with job4U2 was the best thing that could happen to me. They helped me to better understand the Swiss culture and how job hunting should be done in Switzerland. Thanks to them I got many interviews for jobs that truly interested me. Now I have a job! I am happy
Aurélie L. (accompanying partner)
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